The Land of Enchantment

New Mexico is truly one of the most beautiful places in the US, it is also a place where the people are warm and are serious about their culture.
We started the day in Mesilla, where we marched in with our mobile library chanting
“Que queremos?”
We were welcomed by Denise Chavez, author of “Loving Pedro Infante”. There were long tables filled with refreshments, home-made almond croissants, “more burritos than you can shake a sick at” as Denise said.

“More burritos than you can shake a stick at!”

Onto Albuquerque!

We passed the first checkpoint safely, there are Border Patrol interior checkpoints every 25-70 miles from the US/Mexico border where Border Patrol agents pull over motorists at their discretion to check if there are any traveling undocumented immigrants.

Finally, we reached Rudolfo Anaya’s house. It was beautiful. He greeted us with 2 of his dogs nad gave us his blessing, just like in “Bless me Ultima”.

Rodulfo gives us his blessing

he than opened his doors were there was even more delicious food awaiting us. He gave us permission to explore his house, he was teh most gracious host, he even had tequila with some of the librotraficantes!

New Mexico was wonderful, they showered us with food, love, and lots of books. With all the ammunition we’ve collected thus far, we move confidently onto Arizona…

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