Tucson Beautiful

Precious Knowledge

Arizona law makers would like for us to believe that Tucson is a city fueled by hate and fear but it is quite the contrary. Tucson looks much like any Southwestern city, it is surrounded by mountains and Mexican restaurants with the exception of Southwestern or Mexican artisan shops, here they are called Colonial. The advertisements here are filled with the smiling happy faces of blonde blue-eyed models despite the fact that the locals walking around downtown Tucson for Saint Patrick’s day are quite diverse, black, latino, native and white too.

It was quite amazing to be welcomed by the Tucson High School students and their teachers. They all take care of each other and teach each other as if protecting and conserving, what Jan Brewer and John Huppenthal have tried so hard to suppress, their culture, their stories, their pride.


Day 2 in Tucson many exciting things were happening at the John Valenzuela Youth Center. We had the inauguration of the Underground Library, we had over one thousand books!

Welcome to the Tucson Underground Library!
Over one thousand banned books!

Bryan Parras led a Theater of the Oppressed workshop:

The students called this piece “Enlightment” re-enactments of their Mexican American Studies classes, now banned

The California contingent of the Librotraficantes brought enlarged stencils of some of the banned books and authors:

Borderlands/La Frontera by Anzaldua: Banned in Arizona

Because Chihuahuas like libros too!

Frida the Chihuahua is a Chicana too!

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