Desde La Morada
l@s Hij@s del Maíz

te invita a celebrar el día del amor y la amistad
con conciencia…

Domingo 15 de febrero, 2015

308 Willis Ave

Bronx, NY 10454

 *You may purchase tickets by calling La Morada at (718) 292-0235 or sending a message to their page via Facebook*

Ayotzinapa, who are the missing 43?

Ayotzinapa is a small town in the state of Guerrero, Mexico where 43 “normalistas” indigenous male students went missing on September 26 2014. According to official reports, they were on their way to protest a conference organized by the mayor’s wife and were stopped by police. It is widely believed that elected officials, police and a drug cartel worked in collaboration to orchestrate their disappearance. Their case is representative of the level of impunity and corruption that plague the Country. The case has gained momentum and international support due to the unyielding activism of the parents and wide grassroots solidarity efforts are being organized to offset the cost of travel for a caravan tour in the US and we need you to help us bring them to New York.

About Amor Rebelde:

Your $100 ticket will include a three-course meal and three hours of quality entertainment from world-renowned artists and performers, special guests and giveaways. Your generous contribution gets you original artwork by collective members and friends to begin or add to your collection. Line up TBA on and La Morada FB page the week of.

Dinner includes an appetizer, Agua Fresca and a Plato Fuerte of your choice. La Morada will be serving Mole de Amor Poblano and Mole Rebelde Oaxaqueño for this special occasion. The mole may be served over a chile relleno for vegetarians, vegan modifications upon request. Beef and Chicken fajitas will also be offered.


AmorRebeldePOSTER Amor Rebelde

About the collective:  Hij@s del Maíz is a radical artist collective against state repression and aims to create movement intersectionality through the arts and community organizing, based in the Bronx. Core members include:

Emilio Zapa-Oaxaca, Tyhogñes-Onondaga Nation Syracuse , Talal Ahmed- Ferguson, Missuri, Cynthia Briones Santos- Mexico City, Kyle Goen- California and Zelene Suchilt- Bronx/TX.

About La Morada: La Morada is an immigrant-owned restaurant serving traditional Mixteca Mexican Cuisine in the South Bronx. The establishment has become a beacon for Soul Food to human rights activist across the country; in large part to the activist roots and commitment to social justice of the Saavedra family.

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