NEW: The Mango Poem

Dear reader, listener, lover of  art & poetry,

Thank you for taking the time to view this labor of love and I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed making it. The Mango Poem has taken a life of its own! It boasts wings of its own and declared itself an independent individual unlike any other, which I think is its great lesson and I’m proud to share it with you.

This labor of love would not have been possible without the contributions of multiple artists, friends, mentors and mentees coming together to make this mango poem as refreshing as it could be. We hope that this work inspires you to read, hear, see, feel poetry in all its dimensions and maybe create your own to share with the world. If you like what you see, consider making a monetary donation to  the MANGO Publications crowd funding campaign so we can continue to bring you the best in poetry and cultura.

Salud y Provecho,


Directed and Produced by Zelene Suchilt

Original Score by Miwi La Lupa

Edited by Kevin Oliver Ariota & Maya Rivera

Additional Footage by Wesley Clouden

Illustrations by Paulina Dabrowska

Audio Engineer Felix Ramirez

Special Thanks to Quiet Lunch Magazine & Nuestra Palabra

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