The Mango Poem (2014)  + The Wave (2017) + Waiting for Sun (2019)

+ Viaje/ Voyage (2020)  

Rebelené Films are produced in the spirit of collaboration and respectful conversations across generations and genres through art making. Without a budget or institutional support, we manifest a shared vision of solidarity and love for art makers who are often marginalized, omitted and historically pitted against one another. Defying the conventions of capitalist market driven filmmaking, our films are rooted in groundbreaking poetry that explore the nuances of womanhood, queer sensuality and a post-colonial indigenous transnational anti-patriarchal feminist identity in Abya Yala.

Employing storytelling techniques, the films provide a multi-sensorial experience for audiences through the blending of documentary, performance, animation and sound arts. Original musical arrangements complement an oral narration that weaves together every element in the work into a cohesive piece that encapsulates the visceral experience of the individual poem.

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