Artist Statement

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My poetry is rooted in the oral tradition of Indigenous Mexican, American and CHicano storytelling that employs metaphors as storehouses for trans-generational healing. Through the manipulation of Spanish and Nahuatl within a work primarily written in English, words are given vision and a purpose beyond colonization, like seeds during a drought, they transform colonized tongues into bridges for ancestors.

My multidisciplinary work explores the nuances of womanhood, queer sensuality and post-colonial indigenous transnational identity. Employing storytelling techniques, they provide a multi-sensorial experience for audiences through the blending of documentary, performance, animation and sound arts.

My collaborations embody the traditions of border-crossing movements that push the conventions of institutional art and politics through solidarity.  Rebelené Films are made without institutional support and do not adhere to genre, social-constructs or market-driven filmmaking. They are made to simultaneously converse with literature, cinema, and to decolonize transnational feminist motifs. 


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