The Mango Poem (2015)


The Mango Poem (2014) is a moving self-portrait that explores identity and intimacy through the metaphor of a mango. Representative of the ever-evolving process of growth and transformation of living beings, Mango relishes in the nuances of personification and objectification that many girls and women experience as targets of desire. The Mango Poem integrates the multitudes of maturing bodies and invites a joyful exploration of the self as other.  

Directed and produced by Zelené Suchilt Edited by Maya Rivera and Kevin Oliver Arota Original Soundtrack by Miwi La Lupa – “The Mango Poem” Sound Engineer Felix Ramirez Additional Footage Wesley Clouden Animation by Paulina Dabrowska.

Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved Rebelené NYC

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