The Wave (2017)

The Wave: a prayer for salty waters
(2017) running time 1:30 minutes, by Rebelené

The Wave is an audiovisual experience that invokes the ancient ties of feminine fluidity to the tides of the sea and the phases of the moon. Based on a poem of the same title, The Wave juxtaposes performance with scenes form nature, exemplifying our interdependence and co-existence with the elements.

Directed and Produced by Rebelené
based on a poem by Zelene Pineda Suchilt
Edited by Kevin Oliver Arota
Original Score by Benita Beneitez
Performance Choreography by Daisy Bulgarin
Beach footage courtesy of the artist Joiri Minaya
Credits footage courtesy of Nitin Das

“The Wave” by the artist Gina Gioco
“The Creature” by the artist Alejandro Yoshii
“The Shark” by the artist Stephano Espinoza

Running time 1:30 minutes

Rebelené NYC 2018 all rights reserved. No portion of this film may be reproduced or excerpted without prior permission.

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